Wetrok Impulse Duomatic scrubber dryer HEPA Filter

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,Description Wetrok Impulse Duomatic scrubber dryer HEPA Filter:

The Duomatic Impulse has been specially developed for use in hospitals and retirement homes, for environments with high hygiene standards. The twin tank system ensures easy cleaning and prevents contamination of the water. In addition the HEPA filter substantially reduces the risk of cross-contamination through exhaust air. In silent mode, the Duomatic Impulse does its job with quiet discretion.

lithium-ion batteries

integrated HEPA filter

The easy-to-replace HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) cleans the exhaust, therefore preventing germs from sprending. The air exits between the tanks in order to prevent the stirring up of dust on the ground.

 twin tank system

Both tanks of the Duomatic Impulse are especially easy to access, allowing them to be thoroughly rinsed and easily cleaned. As no standing water remains in the machine, there is no contamination.

comfortable touch display

Large, coloured, clear overview. Only six control buttons are required; the machine is ready to operate in a flash. They manage the water volume, brush pressure and dosage, and monitor the load status of the battery. You can also switch to ECO mode and benefit furthermore from numerous additional functions.

correctly dosed, the easy way

The automatic dosage system ensures the correct proportion of water and chemicals. The pleasing result is a clean floor without streaks. You’ll also save money and protect the environment from unnecessary chemical usage.

lithium iron phosphate batteries (an option)

The Duomatic Impulse draw their power from lithium iron phosphate batteries, which provide for consistently high performance. Wetrok lithium batteries are built for a long machine life brush handling at the push of a button The brushes can be attached at the push of a button and ejected after cleaning is complete. It doesn’t get any easier that this. And never again will you have to get your hands dirty with used pads or brushes.

Available models:

  • 50350 Duomatic Impulse 50
  • 50351 Duomatic Impulse 50 SL*
  • 50354 Duomatic Impulse Dosing 50
  • 50355 Duomatic Impulse Dosing 50 SL*
  • 50358 Duomatic Impulse 60
  • 50359 Duomatic Impulse 60 SL*
  • 50362 Duomatic Impulse Dosing 60
  • 50363 Duomatic Impulse Dosing 60 SL*

* with safety light


  • Internal charger
  • Suction nozzles, complete
  • Brush housing
  • Impulse HEPA filter
  • Impulse pre-filter
  • Dosage system, complete (only at dosing models)


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