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 With an experience of over 10 years in the field, Building Facility Solutions imports, sells and distributes brands of equipment and products in the field of cleaning professional.

We are the official distributor of Clover Chemicals, Wetrok, Rotowash Caddy Clean, Lechmann (Lewi & Qleen) Ghibli & Wirbel and Goffex in Romania, but we also provide other international brands such as: Stolzenberg, Lucart, SPlast, HTC Twister.

We guarantee a 5 star quality and a long term collaboration.

Building Facility Solutions team offers free and personalized technical advice, and  training for the equipment and machinery purchased by the customer.

All products imported and marketed by Building Facility Solutions fall in international standards for quality and environmental management.

Having a portfolio with a wide range of products and equipments, we address the following areas: public and private institutions, cleaning companies, HoReCa (hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.), industrial, automotive, laundries, appliances and more.

Company parteners

Clover Chemicals Ltd is a manufacturer of 'Effective Cleaning Chemicals'. After many years of extensive development of the product range, Clover Chemicals now boasts over 150 different products spanning across varying areas in the cleaning industry.

Wetrok creates innovations for professional cleaning processes with top notch Swiss quality in terms of the research and development of cleaning machinery and chemical cleaning products, paired with the definition and delivery of system and methodology competence.

For over 30 years Rotowash has proudly lead the market in cleaning technology, supplying systems to thousands of customers in the health sector, government bodies, major industry, contract cleaning organisations and small businesses.

CaddyClean Scandinavia AB manufactures, sells and markets the product CaddyClean, the lightest and most versatile scrubbing machine for the professional market.
The product has been on the market since 2000 and is designed and developed by an inventor from Gothenburg.

Lehmann has been in the cleaning products since 1895, the tradition and experience recommending a daily basis. The company offers reliability, quality and excellent service by ranges: Lewi, QLEEN, PURAQLEEN, CARBONEPOLE, TITANPOLE, ROTAQLEEN. Being a medium-sized company with private capital, supports customers worldwide, providing not only quality tools and systems for internal and external cleaning, and funding and individual services.

Goffex Handels GmbH, headquartered in Übach-Palenberg, offers a wide range of professional cleaning equipment and accessories of high quality, which include: microfiber cloth, buffing pads, flat mops etc.

Stolzenberg is a supplier and manufacturer of floor cleaning machines of the highest quality. From the brush factory at the time, a technically well-developed company for high-quality sweepers has emerged over the years. For 4 generations and over 125 years, we have been in the business of service orientation, customer focus and a lot of technical expertise.

It was founded in 1989 as a family company with Polish capital, specializing in technical injection molding plastic. With an experience of over 16 years, Splast is the largest European manufacturer of equipment that are used for cleaning offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories etc.

Ghibli and Wirbel boast a history, that reaches back in the past years up to our present days introducing themselves to the market side by side and sticking to the Italian manufacturing traditional values, passion for work and for the renowned “ Made in Italy”. All that is not just a novelty or a change of image, but a serious commitment to cope with today market challenges.



CERTIFICATE ISO9001-2008 SI ISO14001:2005

CERTIFICATE ISO9001-2008 SI ISO14001:2005

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Write us your needs and desires, and we will try to satisfy them with product and services of the highest quality.

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Your request

Write us your needs and desires, and we will try to satisfy them with product and services of the highest quality.