Rotowash R45B - ROTOWASH - Floor Cleaning Machine

Rotowash R45B

Product code 790Z01

The R45B single pass machine with the clean water tank built into the ergonomic control handle
and an electric pump which sprays solution in front of the machine on to the floor, has greater,
increased speed and larger capacity and is ideally suited all types of floor surfaces, especially for
hospital wards, passageways, leisure centres, catering areas and retail stores.

Technical Specification

Single-phase induction motor,
various ratings available eg 230V 50Hz  - 950w
brush speed  - 650rpm
brush diameter  - 110mm
cleaning width  - 440mm
solution capacity -  7 litre
injection   -   electric spray
brush contact pressure -  260g/cm_
weight  - 32 kg
length  - 366mm
width  - 545mm
clearance height -  205mm
coverage – hard floors  -  800m_/h
coverage – carpets   -  250m_/h